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Is You're Website Responsive?

Around 2014 the amount of internet users using mobile devices surpassed the number of internet users who use a desktop. That means their are more people using mobile devices than desktops.

If your website is not mobile friendly, then you are possibly missing out on over 50% of online users who are using mobile devices. Since April of 2015 the search engine giant announced it will be ranking sites on whether or not they are mobile friendly or note.

Therefore if you've noticed a drop in website victors over the past year and your site is not mobile friendly, than that is the problem. Act now and we can convert your existing website into a cutting edge mobile friendly website that boost your rankings.

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Responsive Website Upgrade

Responsive Design Planning

Before we get stared with making converting your existing site into a mobile friendly website, we provide you with our exert option on what trending in the sector relative to yours. Then we listen to you acknowledge your projection for the project and where you would like it to end up. Once we have reach the optimal deign for your new site, we draw up a contract that outline all the aspects of the responsive project.

Mobile Friendly Development

A soon as the contract is signed by both parties and everyone is happy with the agreement, we design the responsive layout. Once the design in complete, you then have the opportunity to request changes to the design that match what's in your minds eye. Once your completely satisfied with the design and layout, we move in developing the rest of the website and perform any web programming that is outlined in the contract.

Time To Launch the New Website

Once the entire site has been developed and all the content has been moved over to the new site our search optimizing expert fine-tunes the on-page SEO across the entire site. At that time you will have another opportunity to make any necessary edits to the site before you give it your final approval. Once you approve the site to go live, we perform the final configuration and launch the site on our premium server or yours.

Do I Really Need a Mobile Friendly Website

If you would like to have a solid online presents and proved your visitors with a good user experience that will yield a good visitor-to-customer conversion rate, than yes you certainly need a mobile friendly website.

Responsive verse Mobile Websites

Both are consider mobile friendly, but one is more effective than the other. A mobile website is one that uses different files than its counter part; the desktop version uses and only shows the mobile site when the screen reaches a mobile phone screen width.

However, the responsive website on the other hand uses the same files as its counter part: the desktop version uses and it responsive to all screen sizes, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. This makes the responsive web design a more effective option than that of just a mobile website.

We understand how confusing this topic can be for people who are not dealing with this sort of technology every day. That is why we would happy to provide you with more information about mobile friendly websites. Just give us a call or leave a comment on the form.

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