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Performing on-page SEO on every page of a website is a great way to increase its likeliness of showing up in front of potential customers that search for your product or services online.

Here at the Website Company, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the current standards and the best practises of implementing them into new and existing websites. We see it far to many times when a companies website is paying a lot of money on marketing their website, but have poor on-page SEO. This causes the company to lose out on a lot of organic traffic that the can be gaining form proper on-page SEO.

Bad SEO does not have to be the case. We offer an exceptional on-page SEO service at an affordable rate. Contact us to see how we can help increase your site's traffic,

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How On-page SEO Works

Phase 1

The first step to optimizing a web page is to take the time and audit the page. We offer an entire Site Audit and a single page audit for a granulated approach.

Web Design Initial Phase

Once we've complete the planning phase, our expert web design team will go to work and brings the project to life. This is when we design the website as well as all of its counterparts.

Web Design Final Phase

Then once the web design has been complete and live on our development server, you have the chance to give the design a once over and fine tune the design to give it your final approval.

Why is Web Design Important for Businesses

A business website is the face of your company when visitors view it online. Now more than ever, creative web design is making a big impact on a website's bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that arrive on the website and don't hit the back button away or navigate away from your site without viewing more then just the page they landed on.

The number one way to receive a good bounce rate is to ensure that the website is designed with the current standards. A website that has an appealing design is more likely to build trust and creditability with the visitor, since it shows that the company has invested in their online presence.

Its very important to have a good bounce rate since its main function is to indicate to search engines that visitors are going to a website and staying on it, which simply signal's to them that people like what they see, which results in good visibility on the search results pages.

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