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Website updating is essential for sustaining a solid web presents as online visitors demand websites built to current standards. Although it can be easy to fall behind when it comes to upgrading a website, its very important to stay ahead of the competition and provide your visitors with the level of website they epect from a leading company.

Our Web Developers are experts in taking your existing website and converting it into upgraded version that implements the current functionality and technologies that will propel your web presents to the next level.

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The Website Repair Process

Update Planning Phase

The website update starts by a discussion and presentation to determine your expectations and present you with our expert advise as to what we feel would optimize your online presence. Once we have addressed all aspects of the project we prepaid a contract that outlines the entire project and expectations.

Update Design Phase

As soon as you accept the website update contract, our design team begins designing the layout for the website. Once the first draft of the design is complete, you will have the opportunity to fine tune the design before moving forward to the development phase, where the site will be development and comes to life.

Approval & Launch Phase

After our developers are done doing what they love to do and your website is finished and running our our development server, you have the opportunity to give the entire website a once over and request final edits in order to fine tune the website before it goes live. Once we have your approval, the updated site goes live.

When Should I Update My Website?

It is recommend that a website be updated once every 1-2 years and in some cases up to 5 years if the previous design was ahead of the trend. However, this recommendation is based on websites that had been previously updated by a professional company that develops with up-to-date code and methods and if there are no major code advances for a long period of time, which is highly unlikely as the internet continues to grow at a rapid rate.

The main indicator that a website needs to be updates is if the site is not mobile friendly. Give that fact that more and more people use mobile devices to visit websites these days, its not only important from a user ability stand point, but its required by major search engines in order to rank well for mobile search results. For the paste 3 years, every website we developed has been mobile friendly and its very important that if your website isn't, it simply needs to be. If you would like further information on the benefits of mobile responsive site, give us a call and will be happy to provide you with more infomraion.

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