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Website Migration with Little to No Downtime

Need a website company that can move you your website to a new server? Than we can help. Our expert web developers have years of experience moving large database driven websites to new servers as well as many other website migration applications. We are extremely careful during the migration process that is proceeded by our extensive planning phase.

As a company reliant on our website, we completely understand how vital your website is to your company and how important it is for a successful site migration. Therefore, we do not leave any stone un-turned when it comes to planing for the website move and we place constant urgency on the migration until it has been successfully complete without any bugs.

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The Website Migration Process

Migration Panning

The first and most important phase is Website Migration Panning. During this phase we meet with to go over all the preliminary tasks to obtain the proper information needed to move a website successfully.

Website Migration

Once we've developed the course of action of moving the website, our team begins to prepare the new server/location for the website file and databases associated with the site. This includes configuring the server, uploading the site files, and creating and populating the databases.

Post Migration

Once the website has been migrated and tested on the new server to ensure the website is working properly, we carefully configure the domains DNS settings to the new location/IP, which puts the website migration into live status.