Professional Web Development

What exactly is Website Development?

Web Development refers to all aspects that make up a website. From the design of the graphic on a website to the programming that makes it run. Although there are many elements that makeup a professional website, there are 4 main areas that make up an entire website.

Main Parts that Make Up Web Development

Web Design

Web Design is process designing a websites front-end. The front-end of a website refers to the face of a website. This is the part that most people see when he or she visits a domain on the web.

We have some of the best web designers in the field. That is because our designers not only love what they do, but they all have earned the experience of eduction that is required to design the level of website that convert visitors into customers.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization

Proper SEO is essential to making your website show up on the search engines. Lets face it, search engines like Google are amazing, but their not human, which means they can't physically see a website, instead they read the code to determine what a website is about. Therefore, in order for a website to rank well, correct SEO must be in place.

Although lot goes into SEO optimizing a website, the technique is straight forward and Google provides the information necessary to set up a page so that it and other search engines know exactly what the website, so they can properly serve their visitors relative content. Here at Website Company we know exactly how to optimize a website and we have a prove reputation to produce websites that show up on the search results (SERPs)

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Website Programming

Think of web Programming as the engine behind a website. It is the part of a website that is considered to be back-end and out of the view of site visitors. However, proper web programming is essential to promote good user experience and is the main part that engages the visitor with the website and interacts with them.

Our web programmers are proficient in building complex website applications that are user friendly and easy to operate. The days of a static website are over, now visitors demand intelligent application that delivery content fast and accurate.

Website Hosting

Without web hosting a website could not be seen on the internet. Web hosting is the basically the home for a website. It's were the files that make up a website are stored. Simply put a server is a computer that allows other computers to connect to it to view the files on it. Although this topic can become very technically, there are a few things a website owner needs to be familiar with.

The most important thing to have in a server is security. You don't want your website getting hacked while a potential client is visiting the site. The second most important thing about a good server is it's ability to server website content to visors in the fasted time possible. As everyone knows, no one likes to wait for a low web-page to load. This is why its imperative to have a hosting company host your website.