SEO Website Audit

Search Engine Optimized Website Audit

The SEO website audit is a method we perform to determine if a website is fully optimized and what needs to be done to ensure that the website is using all the means available to the enhance the user experience and searchability of the website.

It is a fact, that websites that provide their visitors with a fully optimized website are more likely to show up in the top rankings for keywords repetitive to their product and or services. Don't lose out on the benefits of this valued service and have your site audited today.

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SEO Website Audit Process

Audit Discussion Phase

Once you have decided take the important step of getting your website audited, we will set up a meeting to inform as to how long and what to expect from the site audit that will be performed. Depending on the size of the website, we establish how long it will take us to complete the SEO site audit on the entire website, which will define the out overall cost for the service.

SEO Website Audit Process

As soon as the the contract has been signed by both parties, we begin auditing the website. We break the website audit into 3 segments. In the initial segment we closely at each pages overall text content and the consistency it has with the pages main subject. We check that all html tags and meta takes are relative to the page's main subject and then develop an organized list of what needs to be updated. Read More

Website Audit Results

After the website audit we gain a great deal of vital information about the site that when updated, will enhance the website's ranking and user experience. Since there is usually a good deal of revisions that could be made, there is certainly areas of the website that hold a higher priority because they make bigger positive impact than others. Therefore we set up a meeting to determine the best resolution option.

More on the Website Audit Segments

After completing the initial site audit segment mentioned above, we analyze the load speed of the major pages outlined in the contract. This segment involves the pages going through several web-page analyzing application to determine the time it takes for the web-page to load, as well as the areas of the page that needs to be optimized.

As you may know, a web-page is made up from a lot amount of files that are made up from a lot of code. What you may not know is that the more efficient the code utilized, the faster a web page will load a browser. Although some of the modifications can be as simple as resizing some images and magnifying some code, other modifications can be pretty complex to implement properly, which is why its best to leave this to the professionals.

The final phase of the website audit goes outside the site and into the server and the links that link to your website. There are configuration and server types that make a large impact on how well your website loads and is served to visitors. Ensuring all the server settings are acquit for the site and that all bad back-links are removed from the site, is a great way to boast your website up on the search results.

Website Audit Results