Website Optimization Services

What is website optimization?

The basic take-away of website optimization services is; it's the process of reducing the overall file size of a website. This is important because the larger a website is, the longer it takes to load in the browser. Therefore, reducing the file size of a website greatly increases the website's load speed, in-turn the better the site will rank in the search results.

How to optimize a website?

Optimize all images on a website

The most common web optimization service for websites is to ensure that every image is fully optimized. There are generally 2 parts to optimize an image. The first is to ensure the image is formatted in the smallest file size possible without comprising the image's visual appearance.

The second part of optimizing an image for the web is the most overlooked part, which is to ensure the image size is adequate for each application. This can be confusing, which is why it's commonly overlooked. The confusing part is because an image size is different than the image file size. For example: if an image is displayed on the website at 300px X 300px, than the image's native size should be the same. In most case, the image is much larger than it needs to be, which causes the image to load much slower than it needs to.

File Optimization Service

The file optimization service is the processes of minifying the code that makes up a website and concatenating files to reducing the amount of http requests it takes to display a website. This part of website optimization is certainly the most technical and should be performed by professional web developers to prevent compromising a website's architecture.

Part of this service is determining what code is not being used to render a web-page, then removing it, as well as removing all white spaces from the code. In most cases, a website can be reduced down in size by over 60%, which drastically decreases the amount of time it takes to load the page, resulting in a website that ranks better.

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