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Do you have a website that is in need of being fixed? If so we can help. We have been repairing websites for over 15 years, which has provided us with a very effective debugging technique that helps us resolve even some of the most complex of bugs found in websites.

We can also debug and fix most database issues and in many cases even restore lost data that had been caused by improper coding.

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The Website Repair Process

Discussion Phase

We spend a little time talking with you to get a general idea from you as to what may be wrong with your current site. Since we have a good understanding of how websites work, this phase is generally quick and easy.

Website Repair Analysis

After we gain the information from you regarding the general issue(s), our team starts analyzing the code that makes up the website and database, as well as the server when applicable. In most cases we are able to locate the issue(s) and determine the solution.

Website Repair Phase

Once we determine the website issue(s) we discuss them with you, then provide you with the solutions. In many cases website repairs are complete within 1 hour of development time. Once you approve the work order, our professional perform to repair the website.

Why its Important to Repair My Website?

As we all know, there's not many things as discouraging as investing time into visiting a website only to get to a point where you can't get any further or can't move to the next part of the website because its broken.

Another major problem with a website that needs to be repaired, is that search engines are now able to detect issues that user are experiencing. As a result of a broken website, search engine penalize a site, which can cause the site to lose its position on the search results pages.

Repairing a broken website most of the time is the best option and in many cases is much less expensive then building a new website from scratch. Therefore, our team is committed to quickly finding issues with websites and offer an affordable rate to fix them.

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